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Our Mandate

La Girandole is Alberta’s leading cultural development organisation specializing in dance.


Our Mission

To foster cultural development by providing opportunities for personal expression through dance.


Our Vision

To enrich Alberta’s cultural mosaic, one (dance) step at a time.


Our Core Values

Respect We adopt an honest and decent attitude towards all. 

Inclusivity We cultivate an environment where everyone is welcome.

Creativity As a cultural space, we are open to innovation.  

Open-mindedness We are open to new ideas.

Enjoyment We encourage enjoyment through dance.

Why Dance at la Girandole?

For many, dancing is synonymous with movement. For others, it is a blend of art and sport through rigorous physical activity. As such, each dance style has its own techniques, histories, cultures and identities. However, they all encourage the development of new physical, emotional, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, along with many other benefits!  At la Girandole, we focus on the following four basic principles.

Dancing for physical health

Dance class is a full-body workout! Dancing is a great way to improve cardiovascular health, flexibility and strength. Through jumps, turns, pliés and subtle hand movements, participants are constantly practicing their motor skills in a fun and enriching environment.


Dancing for mental health

Numerous studies show that children who dance regularly can solve problems more easily and do better in school. What's more, dancing can improve focus and time management skills in children and adults, as well as help manage stress. Structured differently from a gym routine, dancing allows the brain to focus on multiple elements at a time, creating an energy boost! 


Dancing for emotional health

Dance is a living art that allows self-expression through movement: how we feel, how we respond to music and above all, how we build relationships with others! All the more, la Girandole is proud to include its dancers and their families as members of our community while recognizing their individual talents and accomplishments.


Dancing for cultural expression and identity 

La Girandole is one of the only francophone dance studio in Alberta, along with some folk dance troupes in Saint-Paul, Saint-Isidore and Bonnyville.  French Canadian dancing and culture dates back to the colonisation of Canada and, more specifically, to the first French missionaries in Alberta. Today, the Franco-Albertan community is still a minority, representing about 2% of the population (2016). 

Is is thus important to offer opportunities for francophones and francophiles to express themselves in French, in a francophone context, not only to enrich the language, but also to develop a feeling of belonging and community. La Girandole differs from other dance studios in that it specializes in French-Canadian dance and continues to support its local collective Zéphyr, who performs French-Canadian dance on the local scene, as well as representing the community in the provincial, national and international spheres.

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