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Gigue débutante/FIT

Et si on essayait le frotté simple sur une musique du monde?

Weekday: Thursday 

Time: 5:15pm-6:15pm

Session: Pushed to November -20 June

Level required: Open  

Price: Drop-In Passes of 5 or 10 available on MindBody 

Instructor: Rita Chehayeb

The Zumba classes are part of the original Colombian fitness program that combines aerobic exercises and fitness routines with rhythms and choreographies inspired by Latin dances. Our trained instructors will lead you through Zumba sessions filled with energy and fun, while also working on improving your cardiovascular health and strength!The Zumba classes are included in our Drop-In program, which means you can attend these classes on a flexible basis without any long-term commitment. You have the freedom to join the Zumba classes whenever it suits your schedule and preferences.

Dress Code 

  • Vêtements souples et/ou confortable 

  • Souliers de sport intérieur

Language Policy

  • All dance classes are conducted in French. Therefore, registered dancers must have a good understanding of French in order to comply with the Association's mandate and speak in French at all times. La Girandole reserves the right to withdraw any dancer who does not meet this criterion adequately.

Policy on Refunds

  • The Drop-In fee includes the cost of classes and administrative expenses related to each dancer's records. 5 or 10 class passes are available and can be used throughout the year for mini-sessions. These passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Click here for the Policy Manual 2023/23

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