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Musical Theatre 1 

Level 1

Weekday: Thursday 

Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Session: September 14 2023 - April 26 2024

Level required: Minimum 6 yrs and/or little or no experience in dance

Price: MindBody 

Instructor: Chantal Hnytka

The Comédie Musicale 1 class is designed for young dancers aged 6 years and older with little or no experience in dance. This class immerses them in the world of music, theatre, and jazz technique. Dancers will explore the concepts and techniques of singing, including voice projection, articulation, musicality, theatrical interpretation, and character exploration. Additionally, they will learn the basics of jazz dance and dance technique. In the Comédie Musicale 1 class, participants will have the opportunity to develop their singing and acting skills while also honing their dance abilities. Through engaging and fun exercises, they will learn to express themselves through the art of musical theatre.Comédie Musicale 1 classes are part of the full-season program, which includes two shows: the Christmas show and the annual show. Participants will also have the chance to record their voices in a choral style for the choreography of the annual show.

Dress code

  • Leotard or T-shirt with tights or leggings, dance skirt or dance shorts

  • T-shirt, sports pants or leggings, dance shorts

  • Black jazz shoes or character shoes

  • New policy for La Girandole's box of used shoes (please see the policy handbook) 

Language Policy

  • All dance classes are conducted in French. Therefore, registered dancers must have a good understanding of French in order to comply with the Association's mandate and speak in French at all times. La Girandole reserves the right to withdraw any dancer who does not meet this criterion adequately.

Policy on Refunds

  • The Association accepts refund requests for the full-season program up to four weeks after the start of the session, with the following administrative fees applied. After this period, the annual fees become non-refundable (starting from October 1st), unless there is a medical or family emergency.

  • 1 week after the start of the session: Refund minus $75 administrative fee. 2 weeks after the start of the session: Refund minus $100 administrative fee3 weeks after the start of the session: Refund minus $125 administrative fee. 4 weeks after the start of the session: Refund minus $150 administrative fee.

Click here for the Policy Manual 2023/23

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